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Happy Garden

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Happy Garden provides creative but authentic Chinese cuisines made with the best seasonal ingredients. The dishes are of local special features to feast the guests. Our staff provides hospitable service and has professional knowledge about the cuisines. In addition to casual gatherings among friends, Private room is also available for distinguished guests to have a quiet dinging space with privacy. This is where you can have family dinner, business meetings Venue can accommodate up to 15 tables of Chinese Banquet style or 80 people of Western Dining function.

  • Lunch 11:30~14:00
  • Dinner 17:30~21:00
Six independent VIP rooms are available for banquets with good privacy.:
  • Sakura Room (3 Round Tables), equipped with projector/screen.
  • Rose Room (3 Round Tables), equipped with projector/screen.
  • Orchid Room
  • Jasmine Room
  • Daffodil Room
  • Lily Room

    Addition service charge for bring your own drinks or beverages. General Red/ White wine charge NT$300 per table. Spirits charge NT$500 per table

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